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Product Design

Over 15 years in product design we ware involved in the design of over 400 products, and every one of those products was a unique challenge and adventure.

Your Products – New Tomorrow


Complete Service

There is a long road from brief to reality.
We can help on every step.
You can count on our expertise,
advice and input on any stage of the design process.
We invent, conceptualize ideas, sketch designs, CAM/CAD, make product visualizations animation and prototypes, we provide product ID, packaging and graphic design.

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product design

Design for Technology

BoDesign is in constant cooperation with manufacturers from whole over the world. We visit fairs and exhibitions to follow new possibilieties in manufacturing technologies like:
Plastic injection moulding, extrusion and other moulding methods.
Aluminium extrusion and postprocessing.
Metal works with CAM.
Woodworking / Carpentry.
Textile processing.
Finishing technques.

Design is combining technologies. 

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Design is trust.

Cooperating on bringing to market new products with our clients is always like any creation done together communication intensive. Communication full of trust and honesty. The design process is in great part full of failures, rejected versions, and dead-end impossibilities.  All those steps need to be heard by the whole team as well as every single successful milestone and final product launch.